Freelance PHP Developer and Consultant

Hi, you’ve reached the pages of me, Mei Gwilym (meɪ guːɪlɨm).

I’m a PHP developer who loves crafting web solutions to business problems .

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I can build you a modern and effective website to increase sales or capture new clients. Then attract more customers and improve conversions with your own digital marketing campaign.

Is managing your data a nightmare? I can help by streamlining your data management with a secure web application. Leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

I can work remotely or at your office (if geography allows)!

Since 2006, I’ve built apps from managing membership subscriptions to running TV programmes.

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Technical Skills

I write Object Oriented code using the best tools available. Presently this might include Laravel, jQuery, Angular and WordPress – it depends on the situation. You can read more buzzwords on my Skills page.