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I’ve been a big fan of Laravel since I started using it in late 2013.

I now use it to build any custom projects, and currently use version 5.1.

We are extremely happy with our ongoing relationship with Mei and could not recommend him more.
FourCymru, The Wales Yearbook Online

See my projects page for projects with which I’ve used Laravel.

I also have a couple of Laravel 5.x projects on my public github page.

If you’d like me to work on your Laravel project, then get in touch.

Want to learn more about Eloquent’s relationships? Then read my article Family Fortunes: Saving and Updating Laravel Relations.

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Laravel 5

I have two small samples of code in github.

Cottaging is a port of my old Laravel4 accommodation booking project to Laravel5. It’s still in development, but serves to give an idea of the expressive style of development that I try and follow.

Aelodaeth2 (aelodaeht = membership in Welsh) is another port, this time of an old CodeIgniter membership management app. Again, it’s not complete but an interesting side project.

Laravel Developer north Wales, UK

I’m based in Y Felinheli (something like “Uh Vellynhelly”) which is in north west Wales.

Fortunately businesses all across north Wales and the north west of the UK can still hire me, due to my proximity to the A55. I’m therefore available for work in Chester, Liverpool & The Wirral and can even stretch to Manchester.

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