About Me

PHP Development - delivered with a cheesy smile!
PHP Development with a cheesy smile!

I’m a web developer and have been since 2006. Currently I’m a developer at a large domain and hosting provider. I’ve been both employed and self employed as a developer.


I build websites using PHP with HTML5 and Javascript.

I ususally use Laravel, and over the years I’ve also used, Symfony2, SlimPHP, Java (for Android), WordPress, CodeIgniter, jQuery, ExpressionEngine and Drupal (oh, and ClassicASP).

I’ve built mapping apps with the Google Maps API, MapBox, Leaflet.js and rolled my own using D3.js.

Source Control, Servers and Deployment

I’ve used Git (and Github) as well as SVN to control source code. Check out my github repository.

I can install, configure and secure a L(A|E)MP stack for webhosting, and I’ve written deployment scripts to pull code from github repositories to a production site.

If you love singing in the pub, then checkout my simple web app Canu.Cymru.

Check out my StackOverflow profile.

This Site

meigwilym.com runs on WordPress, with Markdown formatting. I have the usual plugins for security and speed.


I live in rural Y Felinheli, north Wales (GB) with my wife and three children. I try and keep fit by running and weight lifting.

I’m on twitter, usually in Welsh @meigwilym.

A tip on name pronunciation: try something like “May Gwillim”. It’s not “My” nor “Mee”.

When not working I coach several junior rugby Under 13 teams, and am a qualified WRU rugby referee.

Work History

I first learnt HTML in about 1999. I picked up CSS in 2005 then started programming with PHP and Javascript in 2006.

I have worked as a web developer for several companies, two of them in the television industry.